By 2025, a customer-centered organization operating in accordance with global standards preferred and trusted by its members in providing full financial security and protection.


To provide our members the most responsive insurance protection and investments, affordable housing/financial products and meaningful social services.


With the guiding faith to the Lord God Almighty, we adhere to the following:

  • Customer-centered
  • Integrity
  • Social Responsibility
  • Prudence
  • Professionalism

Philosophy of Service

At the AFPMBAI, the needs of the members and his family come first. We pledge our expertise, time and effort to the service of these needs. Toward this end, we endeavor to serve to the best of our ability in the spirit of professionalism, dedication and compassion.

The AFPMBAI Employees' Creed

I am proud to belong to the AFPMBAI. It is where I experience the value of work and derive my means of living, therefore I am duty and morally bound to protect and defend its name. I am proud to belong to the AFPMBAI. As an employee, I will give my best and dedicate all my working hours to my job because I believe that the success and the growth of the Association is my accomplishhment, its failure, my defeat.

I am proud to belong to the AFPMBAI. I am more than an employee, I am a public servant. Every member of the Association deserves my time and attention, therefore I will always get out of my way to help and serve him well. I am proud to belong to the AFPMBAI. I shall devote each working day of my life for the glory of God so that I will be guided to fulfill my job honorably to the Association and my country.


Service to our members is what we are here for extending our hands to the men in uniform for our mission and our goal we’ll be giving our all here in MBAI we’ll serve you just call Our business is to serve you’ll get what you deserve we’ll attend to your needs with pure hearts and good deeds for it’s our pleasure to help with kind gestures here in MBAI our members we treasure

With the Lord on our side to guide us on each stride our task we will fulfill for God’s glory and will here in MBAI we’ll take care of your plight and with MBAI we will soar to greater heights