Enforcement of Data Privacy Act (DPA) and Credit Information System Act (CISA)

Enforcement of Data Privacy Act (DPA) and Credit Information System Act (CISA)

Statement of Waiver/Privacy Notice - as per RA 10173

By sharing your personal data and information with the AFPMBAI in the process of applying for insurance, loan, and real estate products, you hereby confirm with the following Statement of Waiver/Privacy Notice:

"I accept, agree with, and understand that all personal information supplied herein will be used only for internal purposes and will not be released to third parties outside of AFPMBAI without my express consent.  I waive my rights under applicable data privacy laws.  I further agree to receive announcements, information, and promotional messages through various communication channels from the Association."

Credit Information System Act (CISA) - as per RA 9510*

Dear Valued Client:

This is to notify you that pursuant to Republic Act (RA) 9510 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), creating the Credit Information Corporation (CIC), we are mandated to submit your basic credit data (as defined in RA 9510 and its IRR), as well as any regular updates or corrections thereof, to the CIC for consolidation and disclosure as may be authorized by the CIC, and other credit reporting agencies duly accredited by the CIC, for the purpose of establishing your creditworthiness.

Listed below are some of the required basic credit data for submission to the CIC:

  • Name and basic personal demographics
  • Address(es) and contact details
  • Detailed credit facilities (e.g. credit cards, loans)
  • Credit history (e.g. cards/loan balances, payment history and delinquency, if any)

For more information, please visit www.creditinfo.gov.ph.

No further action is required on your part.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The AFPMBAI Management  
 (*RA 9510 is an exemption to RA 10173 of the Data Privacy Act of 2012)

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