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AFP Bayanihan for Education

The Armed Forces of the Philippines recently recognized all partner institutions and benefactors of its scholarship program for soldier's dependents and chose the President of AFPMBAI Maria Carmela G Cabading, FASP, FLMI, to speak on behalf of the said stakeholders.

In the recognition ceremony dubbed as "Bayanihan for Education 2014" held at AFPCOC in Camp Aguinaldo last May 13, President Cabading said that the partners and donors in the AFP scholarship program share in the vision of the Armed Forces to provide the dependents of military personnel access to quality education as a way to improve the quality of life of their families.

"I am deeply honoured to be able to speak in behalf of all partners and donors of the AFP Educational Benefit System who have made a commitment to invest in the future of the children of the men and women of the AFP through the AFPEBSO," she said.

Other supporters of the AFP scholarship program include Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges, Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, HERO Foundation and Don Emilio Yap of Manila Bulletin.

Outstanding scholars and their parents were also honored in the ceremony.

Of the 2,083 total number of scholars under the AFP KIA scholarship program at present, 263 or 13% are being supported in terms of stipend by the Association. Likewise, since its establishment in 2008, the AFPMBAI-AFPEBSO scholarship program has already produced a total of 157 graduates and two are now employed in the Association.

Even before the creation of AFPMBAI-AFPEBSO partnership in 2008, the Association has been extending financial assistance for the education of dependents of deceased soldiers by granting the Special Group Term Insurance (SGTI) experience refund.

President Cabading encouraged the grantees to receive the blessings being given to them, pay the goodness forward and continue the spirit of "damayan" and heroism of soldiers which inspired the creation of AFPMBAI.

"Extend the same opportunity given to you to those who also need it the most so that for each generation, we pass on the legacy of "damayan" and heroism, of integrity and compassion," she said.

2013 Dividends Schedule of Releases


Policy Anniversary Month Releasing of Dividends
ATM Cash / Check
January 2013 Jan 6 Jan 7
February 2013 Feb 5 Feb 6
March 2013 Mar 5
Mar 6
April 2013 Apr 7
Apr 8
May 2013 May 5
May 6
June 2013 Jun 5
Jun 6
July 2013 Jul 7
Jul 8
August 2013 Aug 5
Aug 6
September 2013 Sept 5
Sept 8
October 2013 Oct 6 Oct 7
November 2013 Nov 5
Nov 6
December 2013 Dec 5
Dec 8

Two new Trustees take oath

An Air Force Commander and top ranking PNP officer took oath as new trustees of the AFPMBAI Board just recently. MGen Edgar R Fallorina AFP is now the new representative for the Philippine Air Force while PDDG Leonardo A Espina PNP is the new representative for the Philippine National Police.

MGen Fallorina was born in Jaro, Leyte, and has been serving the Armed Forces of the Philippines for more than 34 years. He is presently the Division Commander for 1st Air Division (1AD).


AFPMBAI releases loan for members affected by calamities

In its continuing objective to look after the welfare of its members, the AFPMBAI will grant calamity loan to members who were victims of magnitude 7.2 earthquake and super typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas and the flooding in Zamboanga City.

Member-victims of the recent earthquake in the Visayas and super Typhoon Yolanda may borrow up to P50,000 payable in five years or less at an interest rate of only 6% per annum. Qualified to avail of this loan are uniformed and non-uniformed personnel in the active service, or permanent status, of the AFP, PNP, PCG, BFP and BJMP and regular employees of AFP Financial Institutions who are residing or assigned in Regions VI, VII, and VIII.

Meanwhile, the AFPMBAI is also granting calamity loan for member-victims of the siege and massive flooding brought by the heavy rains in Zamboanga City. Maximum loanable amount is P20,000 with 6% interest rate per annum payable in three years or less.

Distribution of forms, processing and releasing of calamity loans will be done in Iloilo, Cebu and in Zamboanga Branches.

UBI for PNP Signed


After a series of consultations, the memorandum of agreement for the Upgraded Basic Insurance (UBI) of PNP was finally signed by PNP Chief P/DGen Alan LM Purisima and AFPMBAI President, Maria Carmela G Cabading, FASP, FLMI; and witnessed by AFPMBAI EVP, Operations, Col Edmundo F Gammad (Ret) and PDIR Catalino S Cuy, TDPRM.

Under the MOA, effective November 2013, members of the PNP in the active service consisting of officers, non-officers, cadets, officer candidates, and recruits may now be covered by the AFPMBAI Upgraded Basic Insurance.


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