Fifty years of existence for an Association is truly an accomplishment that took time, patience and a lot of hard work to attain. Coming from its humble beginning of a simple “damayan” or “abuluyan”, it has evolved to a top multi-faceted organization that provides responsive life insurance products and effective social services to its members.

On September 4, 2015, the Armed Forces and Police Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. (AFPMBAI), relived its milestones from five decades of its existence, during the Main Anniversary Program held in AFPCOC, Camp Aguinaldo.

Celebrating the golden anniversary on his second year of leadership, AFPMBAI President, MGen Edgardo Rene C Samonte AFP (AFP) boasted the Association’s achievements and how AFPMBAI had remained as the top mutual benefit association in the country in terms of assets.

“The Association’s assets reached P14.26 billion in 2014, rising by 10% compared the previous year. Today, we are a 15-B company  which made us retain our industry’s position of being the number one mutual benefit association in the country in terms of assets”, he said during his report.

Meanwhile, the newly hailed AFP Chief of Staff and AFPMBAI Board Chairman joined AFPMBAI in its momentous event. He delivered his remarks and presented the key note speaker and guest of honor, Commissioner Kim Jacinto-Henares, Bureau of Internal Revenue, in place of Secretary Cesar V Purisima, Department of Finance.

Henares, who is also a military reserve, extended her gratitude to the Association as she became part of the golden anniversary program.

Being in public service, Henares stressed the value of love for country. “I encourage every one of you to join in a greater advocacy—every one of us should help seed the value of love for our country. Try to seed it in our values system, our country, our family and our hearts. I believe that we should have that attitude of being happy to serve our country.” She said during her key note address.

In its 50 years of existence, the Armed Forces and Police Mutual Benefit Association remained at the forefront among the country’s mutual benefit associations -- its integrity in giving services that benefitted 300,000 members untarnished. The Association also continuously uplifts the lives of its members as it implements meaningful social services, and remains to live the advocacies that continue to make positive changes happen.

With a strong, competent and good management determined to serve our nation’s protectors, the Association believes to continue to exist and live the mission and vision of its founding fathers to the next years and beyond!

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